Rental Applicant Requirements

Info You Need


We do not use credit scores for our applications. Any past credit history is okay subject to the following other qualifying leasing criteria.


Your income should be at least 3 times the monthly rent amount. This income must be verifiable income with your paystubs, or monthly bank statements showing your income deposits, or government awards letter, etc. Written third party documentation is required. We don’t accept tax returns, w-2s or 1099s as income documentation.

Note: If you are self employed we must have bank statements to verify your income shown in deposits to your bank account.

Income stability and verification requirements: Applicant should be able to show income is stable and likely to continue. Generally we require a minimum of 6 months on your current job, via work verification. If you are paid in cash but have no banking records of the income, we cannot rent to you.

Note: If we cannot verify your income with paystubs or bank statements, we cannot rent to you under any circumstance. Please do not apply to rent.

Previous rental history:

Last 2 years of rental history should be good and verifiable with professional management company, or bank statements that clearly show your rental payments being made, or cancelled checks/money orders. We do not accept rental verifications from private parties (individual owners) or if you paid past rent with cash out of pocket and have no banking record of it. Hand written receipts of rent are not acceptable rental documentation. First time renters or applicants who cannot adequately verify past rental history are okay provided there is a solid job history and good credit history.

Criminal Background:

No Felonies. Minor violations ok on a case by case basis.

We request you take possession within 2 weeks from date property is ready for occupancy. We generally don’t hold homes for people who cannot take possession in the very near future if the home is ready currently for occupancy.

Note: If you cannot meet all of these leasing criteria please do not apply, it is unlikely you will be approved. If you have a special circumstance you would like to discuss please call. Rare exceptions may be made on a case by case basis to these rental requirements with a 2 months rental deposit.

Typically due at lease signing: Deposit equal to one month rent + 1st month rent. 2nd month rent to be prorated, if applicable. Pet deposit if applicable.

Rental Application